Genoa Township trustees on Dec. 15 approved putting a renewal road levy on the May 2011.

Genoa Township trustees on Dec. 15 approved putting a renewal road levy on the May 2011.

It would replace the township's current 0.7-mill levy that will expire on Dec. 31, 2011. It raises about $667,452 annually.

In August, trustees established a citizens committee to study what the township should do regarding the expiring levy. The levy funds the road department and road maintenance and improvements.

On Dec. 2, the committee recommended the township renew the levy.

"We've received the report of the road levy committee and they have studied the needs that we have. We are all familiar with those needs and I agree with (the committee's) recommendation," said trustee Barbara Lewis.

"This will result in no new taxes," said township administrator Paul Wise.

The levy would cost property owners $21.44 per $100,000 of property value, the same as the existing levy.

The road department's other revenues are 0.6-mill of inside millage, which is an automatic property tax established by the state that is not voted on. Inside millage brings in about $557,974 for the department.

It also receives about $40,000 in motor vehicle licensing fees, $185,000 from gasoline tax and $215,000 from permissive tax.

The department is estimated to have a 2010 year-end carryover balance $1.4-million.

The township's options were to renew or replace the existing levy or seek increased millage.

Officials have said they will need at least as much revenue as the current levy brings in to continue services.

Trustees also:

Approved a $23,760 road salt purchase from American Rock Salt Co.

Approved switching to Aetna Life Insurance Co. for dental insurance after comparing coverage from various carriers. The insurance is renewed in January, and the current provider was asking for over a 27-percent increase in premium costs. The township will save about $11,000 on dental insurance in 2011. Trustees approved $5,387 to Aetna for an insurance binder.

Approved purchasing a snow blower for a tractor for $5,510. The equipment is used for pedestrian paths and at township facilities. The old one broke down and was throwing sparks.

Decided not to request a hearing for renewal of a liquor license for Turkey Hill Minute Market on Route 3.

Reviewed and approved the projected appropriations for 2011. The budget includes general fund expenditures estimated at $3.1-million, fire protection fund expenditures estimated at $3.99-million, the police protection fund at $3.07-million, and the road and bridge fund are $1.55-million.