A longtime Westerville resident and home vintner is hoping to bring good libations to Uptown.

A longtime Westerville resident and home vintner is hoping to bring good libations to Uptown.

Tony Klausing plans to open Good Vibes Winery, featuring Klausing's own wines, at 2 S. State St. later this month.

The winery will offer tastings of Klausing's more than 20 wines at its bar or bistro tables.

Patrons will be able to sample wine by the glass or bottle and purchase bottles for carry out.

"Initially, I will be offering a tasting bar in a tasting-room kind of atmosphere, where people can come in and sit down and taste various wines for a small fee," Klausing said. "Based on what they like, they can have a glass, buy a bottle, buy a case, or whatever."

Klausing also will allow customers to select a variety, which he will ferment and filter for them. They can then return to the winery to help bottle, cork and label their own bottles.

Klausing said he became interested in making wine a few years ago, when he and his wife, Kathy, began touring wineries and vineyards throughout the country.

With "our kids ... out of the house, we started going to various wine regions throughout the United States," Klausing said. "From there, I got interested in: 'Well, I'd like to make some wine on my own.' ... I made several in my basement. People seemed to like it. We'd give it away as gifts."

Making wine at home didn't seem strange to Klausing, who said he remembers his father making wine in his basement when he was young.

"It was hit or miss how successful it was," Klausing said. "That was probably my first exposure to wine making, but that was a long time ago."

At first, Klausing said he was unsure about opening his own winery, as he associated wineries with sprawling vineyards.

"Initially, we thought wineries, you have a vineyard, and you make wine. But you don't have to grow your own grapes to make wine," Klausing said.

Klausing imports juices from around the world, meaning his wines don't follow the typical flavor and varietal profiles found in Ohio.

Klausing said opening a winery in Uptown Westerville appealed to him because he's long lived on the city's outskirts, and he was drawn to the vibrancy of the historic area.

"The whole environment's changed quite a bit in the last 10 years. It used to be antiques and that kind of stuff," Klausing said. "A lot of restaurants have come in, and you see a lot of people walking around now."

Klausing renovated the basement of the building at 2 S. State St., which long housed a pharmacy, to allow for wine making.

The storefront was renovated to create a relaxed tasting-room environment, he said.

The goal of Good Vibes Winery, Klausing said, is to provide people with a laid-back, enjoyable wine-tasting experience.

The name of the winery came from the Beach Boys song Good Vibrations, and Klausing's wines all are named after hits from the 1960s and 1970s.

"We want it to be a fun, relaxing atmosphere. Our intent is not to make people feel uncomfortable if they don't know anything about wine. The intent is to be kind of fun coming in there," Klausing said. "Good Vibes is a feel-good kind of place."

Initially, Klausing said, the winery will offer more than 25 varieties of wine. As he learns what people gravitate toward, Klausing said that he will alter which wines are offered.

"Based on people's preferences, we'll go from there. I may add, I may subtract from what I have," he said. "I have sweet wines, dry wines, off dries, various kind of wines -- red, white, dessert."