Janet Withers has been named the Rotary Club of Westerville's A. Monroe Courtright Community Service Above Self Award winner for 2013.

Janet Withers has been named the Rotary Club of Westerville's A. Monroe Courtright Community Service Above Self Award winner for 2013.

Born in St. Louis, Mo., Withers attended college at the College of Wooster with a major in sociology and obtained a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Northwestern University.

She has lived in many cities in Illinois, Minnesota, Connecticut, North Carolina and Ohio.

An extremely active community volunteer, her careers have included elementary school teacher, floral designer, office and medical secretary, office manager, receptionist and legal secretary.

She was married to the late Bruce Withers for more than 51 years until his death in 2004. She has four daughters, has nine grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, three step-grandchildren, and five step-great-grandchildren.

Her long list of community involvement includes:

* Past member and chairwoman of the WesterFora Garden Tour Committee;

* Past President of Annehurst Garden Club;

* Past President and charter member since 1984 of the Inniswood MetroGarden Volunteers;

* Past President of Inniswood Garden Society. Presently a member of the Design Interest Group and education volunteer;

* Secretary and member of the Orchard Lakes Condo Board;

* Member of Friends of the Westerville Public Library;

* Member of Westerville Historical Society;

* Charter Member of Metropolitan Columbus Daylily Society, where she helped host the 2012 National Convention;

* Member of the Sunbury Singers, and Silvertones Senior Chorus

* Volunteer at the Westerville Senior Center;

* Active member of Westerville First Presbyterian Church, where her activities have included choir, Bible study group, elder, Worship & Music Committee chairwoman, and deacon. She also has volunteered the past three years for 2- to 3-month missions at the Presbyterian Conference Centers in Missouri and New York;

* Habitat for Humanity volunteer.

Her activities with the Rotary Club of Westerville have included:

* Student of the Month chairwoman for Westerville's four high schools for five years;

* "I Can" program teacher for three years;

* Server, ticket taker and dining room helper at the Rotary Fish Fry;

* Member of the Scholarship Committee

* July 4th Parade water supplier.

"Janet's past and present community involvement is remarkable," said Kristy Courtright, a member of the club and daughter to past president A. Monroe Courtright -- the late publisher of The Public Opinion, for whom the service award is named.

"Thank you Janet for all you do for Westerville and our Rotary Club! Congratulations in being awarded the A. Monroe Service Above Self Award for 2013!"

With the 2013 Courtright Award, Withers joins a distinguished list of those recognized by the Rotary club for their service to the Westerville community since the award's inception in 1977. Past winners include:

1977-- Eddie Birchem; 1978 -- Dr. Walter Stout; 1979 -- Maurice and Dorothy McVay;

1980 -- Sanders Frye and James Tressler; 1981 -- Morris Briggs; 1982 -- R.T. "Sarge"Beum; 1983 -- Mary Bailey; 1984 -- Blendon Grange and Mary Davis; 1985 -- Edwin "Dubbs" Roush and James "Buzz" Cockerell; 1986 -- Sue Ann Norton; 1987 -- Richard H. Gorsuch; 1988 -- Jane W. Bradford; 1989 -- Don W. Miller;

1990 -- Joe "Grand paw" Bernowski and Dwight "Smokey" Ballinger; 1991 -- Ned Mosher; 1992 -- Dr. Bill Freeman; 1993 -- Edna Zech; 1994 -- Marge Day Lewis; 1995 -- Paul Askins; 1996 -- Dick Rano; 1997 -- Charlotte Walker; 1998 -- Jo Ann Davidson; 1999 -- Kathy Cocuzzi;

2000 -- Vinny Herwig; 2001 -- Jim Grissinger; 2002 -- Garrett Brusco; 2003 -- C. William Swank; 2004 -- Rich Siegel; 2005 -- Westerville Caring & Sharing ; 2006 -- Diane Fosselman ; 2007 -- Joanne VanSant ; 2008 -- Renee Kropat ; 2009 -- Bill Merriman;

2010 -- Alice Watson ; 2011 -- Chip Wetterauer; 2012 -- Sheila Tompos.