Whitehall has a new slogan: "Opportunity is here."

Whitehall has a new slogan: "Opportunity is here."

The city's new logo, which unveiled during the Sept. 18 meeting of Whitehall City Council, will be used in a multifaceted marketing campaign.

Lindsey Wright, Whitehall's community-affairs coordinator, and representatives from The Creative Spot, a marketing and advertising firm that helped make the logo for Whitehall, were expected to present the logo and associated marketing material during the Sept. 18 council meeting, after ThisWeek's press time.

A reception was scheduled in the atrium of Whitehall City Hall after the council meeting to allow residents and city officials to learn more about the material and initiative.

Wright said the marketing pieces unveiled Sept. 18 would be used for a multitude of purposes, including the city's department of economic development, the recreation and parks department, the building department and other city departments.

"It's a logo we will use on our official correspondences, such as envelopes and letterheads," Wright said.

Whitehall, which was founded in 1947, uses its city seal on such stationery. Although the city seal, a green and white shield with the words, "City of Pride" and "1947," will remain in use, the new logo will be used in many other campaigns, Wright said.

A pole banner bearing the new logo is supposed to be erected Whitehall City Hall.

"These new brochures and marketing material will be used to promote the city," Wright said, in accordance with an overall plan to bolster economic development, homeownership and quality-of-life amenities.

The new logo is part of the city's new branding campaign and initiative, Wright said.

"A lot of work has already gone into this, and there remains more to do," Wright said.

The city will continue to work with The Creative Spot on marketing material, as well as Civic Plus, a firm helping the city launch an updated website.

A mock-up of the new website, which isn't online yet, also was slated to be shown during the Sept. 18 meeting, along with literature for "My Home," a program providing financial assistance to Whitehall residents to purchase homes and reduce the number of rental properties in the city.

Whitehall economic development director Zach Woodruff said the city has long lacked material that accurately reflects the new dynamic in Whitehall.

"We (did not) have the marketing material that reflected the opportunity and energy going on in Whitehall today," he said.

An entrepreneur could choose Whitehall for many reasons, Woodruff said, but until now, no material accurately illustrated and portrayed those reasons.

The Creative Spot did its due diligence in creating the logo and motto, Woodruff said.

"They interviewed our officials, stakeholders in the community and residents," he said. "And time and again, they told us they heard people talk about the opportunity here.

"We are a multimodal community ... with access to major highways, a railway and an airport next door," Woodruff said.

In the near future, Columbus Metropolitan Library will build a new Whitehall branch; the city plans construction of its first community center; and construction is under way on a new office for Franklin County Children Services.

The Whitehall school district is completing a project to replace all five of the district's schools.

The phrase, "Opportunity is here," was among several that The Creative Spot had suggested to a five-member advisory board comprising Woodruff, Wright, Whitehall Mayor Kim Maggard and council members Chris Rodriguez and Karen Conison.

"The new logo and marketing material will help us tell the narrative of the opportunities and momentum in Whitehall today," Woodruff said.