Students returning to Beechwood and Etna Road elementary schools Aug. 16 will be greeted by two new faces.

Students returning to Beechwood and Etna Road elementary schools Aug. 16 will be greeted by two new faces.

Kelly Golsby is the new principal at Beechwood; Jessica Moore will take the reins at Etna Road.

Golsby succeeds Eric Riddle, who departed Whitehall schools for a post in the Canal Winchester Local School District.

Moore follows Julie Kenney, who left the district for a position at South-Western City Schools.

Golsby joins Whitehall from Columbus City Schools, where she was coordinator of elementary professional development; Moore was an intern principal last year at an elementary school in South-Western.

"I am extremely pleased to have both these professionals join our team and have high expectations for both of them," Whitehall Superintendent Brian Hamler said Friday, July 8.

Golsby, 39, has been an educator or administrator for 14 years.

She has a bachelor's degree from Denison University in psychology and communications and first worked in human resources in the business sector.

A graduate of West High School, she decided after five years in human resources to pursue her dream of being an educator.

"I always had a desire to be a teacher," said Golsby, who credits Ron Silvey, her sixth-grade teacher at Mohawk Middle School, with inspiring her.

"He left such an impression," she said.

Golsby said Silvey, who died from cancer when Golsby was a high school freshman, wrote her a letter that lauded her leadership skills, extolled the importance of an education and encouraged her to set and achieve goals.

The words were especially significant to Golsby, she said, having been raised in a single-parent household.

Golsby holds two masters degree: one in teaching and learning from Ohio State University and the other in educational leadership from Ashland University.

She taught at Avalon Elementary School and Douglas Elementary School, now closed, in Columbus City Schools for 14 years.

For the past two years, Golsby was leading coordinator for elementary professional development in the Columbus district.

Golsby said she looks forward to integrating in the community and "enhancing small-group instruction" to further improve academic achievement and opportunity at Beechwood.

"I am excited to have Kelly's talents in Whitehall," said Hamler, who described Golsby as an "instructional leader" with a "great deal of training and expertise in literacy."

"I believe she has the passion and perseverance to lead Beechwood to great height," Hamler said.

Golsby and her husband have three daughters and reside in Blacklick.

In the spring, Moore concluded a one-year principal internship at West Franklin Elementary School in the South-Western district as part of the BRIGHT fellowship program -- the same program in which Mark Bobo, an assistant principal at Whitehall-Yearling High School, participated.

A native of East Cleveland, Moore, 34, has a law degree from Hofstra University in New York and was a prosecutor of child-neglect and child-abuse complaints in Brooklyn for the Administration for Children's Services.

"I have a passion for working with kids," said Moore, adding she saw many children in the New York courts who lacked high-quality education.

Moore said she also has a passion for education and believes she and her staff at Etna Road can improve children's lives through education.

Moore has a bachelor's degree in integrated social studies from Ohio State University and is working toward a master's degree in business administration from OSU.

"I am learning as much as I can now about my staff and meeting teachers (at Etna Road). I look forward to getting to know people in the community and the families," Moore said.

"Jessica brings a passion for creating a learning environment where children achieve their goals and dreams," Hamler said.

Hamler described Moore as a "natural-born leader" and having "extraordinary leadership skills" developed during her internship.

"The fact that she left a successful career as an attorney to chase her dream to serve children and their families says a great deal about her passion and commitment," Hamler said.

Moore and her husband have a son and reside in Dublin.

Golsby and Moore each will earn an annual salary of $85,618 and a benefits package with a maximum annual value of $45,738 if all benefits are selected, said Ty Debevoise, director of communications and marketing for Whitehall schools.