My wife and I have spent the biggest part of our 56 years of life as a Worthington residents. I went completely through school here and married my high school sweetheart. My wife and I also raised three boys who also graduated from Worthington High School. I could go on and on praising the virtues of Worthington schools and Worthington as a town.

The reason for this letter, however, is to praise a few areas of Worthington life that do not get the light shined on them as much as they should. The first is the department of city services, since they come to mind first, as I sit and watch them loading and removing from the curb the many limbs that blew from our trees during the wind storm this past Sunday. They also come to mind on those snow days when in every other city you hear of the many side streets that go without plowing. This is our third house in Worthington and there has never been a storm when our street was not plowed. It will not be long before I am raking the many leaves to the curb, and it almost seems that as soon as a get a pile that I can look at and brag about, the men have come and sucked them away. Then not long after that they are even sweeping the gutters clean. We love to drive up High Street and see the wonderful flowers so well taken care of, and the well maintained lawns of the Village Green and public buildings. Thank you Worthington city employees for making Worthington a very special place to live and raise a family.

I would also like to mention the Fire and Police departments. When my sister died three years ago, both departments responded very quickly and professionally. They were so much more than people doing their jobs; they were caring, sensitive, helpful in every way. They stayed with our family, answered questions and provided great comfort to all of us. We had the same response when my dad got ill, and they were able to get him to the hospital and save his life. Thank you, Worthington Fire and Police.