The public will be asked again to chime in on the future of the 752 building.

The public will be asked again to chime in on the future of the 752 building.

This time, the public forum will be held Feb. 19 as a special meeting of the Architectural Review Board and Municipal Planning Commission. It will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building.

Those bodies set the meeting at their regular meeting last Thursday.

"MPC and the ARB want to go in with their minds open and hear what the community has to say abut a good use for the property," said city zoning coordinator Lynda Bitar.

There have been many public forums on the future of the building held over the past seven years, since school administrators moved out in 2002.

The city later purchased the building from the school district for $500,000.

The city bought the building to make sure it was not used for other than public purposes.

Now, however, after lengthy discussions of City Council and, more recently, the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC), the idea of permitting commercial, retail or even residential uses has become more popular.

A report presented earlier this month by the CIC outlined many possible uses for the historic brick building on the northeast corner of the Village Green.

It could be uses for private offices, retail shops, a bookstore, restaurant, condominiums or some combination, according to a report of the CIC.

It is currently zoned S-1, or special, a zoning category limited to schools and churches.

Rezoning will probably be necessary to market the building. The MPC will make recommendations to council on the zoning, based in part on the response of the public at the Feb. 19 meeting.

Also at its meeting last Thursday, the ARB approved a new sign face for Jason's Restaurant, 6880 N. High St.

Jason Liu, owner of the restaurant that opened last August, must change the name because a Texas-based restaurant called Jason's Deli will open in Dublin. The name Jason's Deli is registered nationally, whereas Jason's is only registered in Ohio.

The new name of the restaurant will be "J. Liu Restaurant & Bar."

The freestanding sign base will remain, with "J. Liu" replacing "Jason's" on the sign face. A new wall sign was not part of the application.

A temporary use permit has been issued for a "toaster cover" temporary sign which will be in place until the permanent sign has been constructed.

Also at last week's meeting, Amy Lloyd and Mikel Coulter were sworn in for one-year terms on the ARB, and James Sauer was sworn in for a four-year term on MPC/ARB.

Richard Hunter was elected chairman, Sauer vice-chair, and Kathy Holcombe secretary of the MPC/ARB.