Funds generated by a November 2006 bond issue will continue to pay for improvements to Worthington schools this summer.

Funds generated by a November 2006 bond issue will continue to pay for improvements to Worthington schools this summer.

And, as administrators and board members promised, property tax bills will not increase because of the capital improvements.

"We will maintain our commitment of no new millage attached to this bond issue," board treasurer Jeff McCuen said during the Monday night meeting of the Worthington Board of Education.

Voters approved the $37.5-million bond issue with the understanding that it would not increase property tax bills, though the amount paid by taxpayers for capital improvements would not decrease as quickly as it would have, had the issue not been approved.

Not only has the 3.89 mills set aside for capital projects not increased, it has decreased slightly since the issue was approved, McCuen said.

The repairs and improvements promised to voters are on track, with most of the computers promised and new buses already in place, and more repairs set for the coming months.

"Nothing is on the list that was not on the list originally," Superintendent Melissa Conrath said Monday.

The board authorized the issuance of bonds not to exceed $10-million to cover what McCuen expects to be approximately $9-million in repairs over the next year. Approximately $5- to $6-million will cover technology improvements and repair work this summer, McCuen said.

Projects will be bid in packages to take advantage of economies of scale through shared design services and to increase bidding interest generated from larger projects.

Bid packages will include one for a standing-seam roof at Thomas Worthington High School (TWHS); roof replacement at Worthington Hills Elementary School; parking lot and playground paving at several buildings; auditorium roof at TWHS; mechanical improvements at Worthington Kilbourne High School; mechanical improvements at various sites; and auditorium lighting improvements at TWHS.

Recommended contracts will be presented to the board for approval in April and May. All projects are scheduled to be complete by the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year.

Also on Monday, board member Marc Schare said that the district will pay the Franklin County Board of Elections $38,400 to place the 7.4-mill operating levy on the May ballot.

The elections board charges $1,200 per precinct. That amount is shared by the entities placing an issue on the ballot.

This spring, only the Franklin County Metro Parks levy shares the ballot in Worthington's 64 precincts.

Schare said he was "nitpicking," but thinks the board should consider placing issues on ballots in November or during other times when there are many issues sharing the ballot.

"We could plan to run in even-numbered years when expenses would be dramatically lower," he said.

Also on Monday, the board:

Congratulated the Granby Destination Imagination team, which recently placed second among 20 teams in competition at Delaware Hayes High School. The team will compete in state finals on April 25 at Dublin Coffman High School.

Presented a board of education impact award to Renee Linn, a preschool teacher at Sutter Park Preschool. She was recognized for exceeding expectations during a temporary administrative assignment in November.

Board member Charlie Wilson said that when word got out that Linn would be recognized, he was inundated with phone calls from people who wanted to praise her as a teacher, administrator, and mentor.

"It's truly overwhelming what she has done," Wilson said.