The public is being asked to help shape the streetscape of a section of Cleveland Avenue during an upcoming series of public meetings.

The public is being asked to help shape the streetscape of a section of Cleveland Avenue during an upcoming series of public meetings.

The first is set for Monday, Aug. 31.

The meeting on "Cleveland Avenue Streetscape 2020" is scheduled to get under way at 7 p.m. in the Clinton Township Hall, 3820 Cleveland Ave.

The section of Cleveland Avenue in question stretches from Piedmont Road to Case Road in Clinton Township. It includes the Northern Lights and Amos shopping centers, as well as numerous strip malls.

Three public meetings have been planned to come up with proposals for the stretch of road, with the first intended as an information-gathering session, according to Ben Weiner of the Franklin County Economic Development and Planning Department.

Those attending will be asked to develop possibilities for the future appearance of the area, said Weiner, the Streetscape 2020 project manager.

"Over a three-month period ..., community residents, township officials and Franklin County planners will develop a streetscape improvement plan for the Cleveland Avenue/Northern Lights area in Clinton Township," according to the county department's Web site devoted to the project.

It's still a section of Cleveland Avenue that brings in a lot of shoppers, said Clinton Township trustee John Coneglio, who wonders how much longer that will be the case without some kind of makeover.

"Right now you have a lot of concrete, a lot of parking, and I think there needs to be some things done that will improve the appearance, maybe get rid of some of that concrete, put some landscaping in ... maybe attract people to shop," he said. "It is still an economically vibrant area, but it could be improved.

"I don't think you would want to wait until it would be too late."

Coneglio said he presumes the project's name, which was chosen by county employees, refers to the year when the upgrades might be completed.

After officials gather information at the Aug. 31 meeting, Weiner said that visual representations of what attendees suggest will be available for review at the second meeting, probably in late September.

A third and final meeting, tentatively set for late October, would be geared toward reaching some community consensus on proposed streetscape upgrades.

The project was recommended in the Clinton-Mifflin Land Use Plan.

"The plan includes recommendations for the community's future, how land should be used and what new buildings should look like," according to a summary of the document. "The plan also includes desired public improvements, including areas that need sidewalks and streetlights."

"We want as much of a turnout as we can possibly get," Coneglio said. "The people need to have a voice in how they want this to go.

"We definitely want business input," he added. "We want that area to be conducive to business to make sure they do well. If those stores are full and they're doing well, Clinton Township is doing well."

More information is available at the project's Web site, tinyurl. com/streetscape2020.