Two seats on the Worthington Board of Education will be filled in the Nov. 8 election.

Two seats on the Worthington Board of Education will be filled in the Nov. 8 election.

Julie Keegan and Charlie Wilson said they plan to run for re-election.

Residents Steve Kucinski and John Hyre have indicated they intend to run, and more candidates could appear by the Aug. 10 deadline for filing nominating petitions with the Franklin County Board of Elections.

"You can talk and talk, but you never know who is going to turn in petitions," Keegan said.

Financial constraints caused by state budget cuts, along with the uncertainty caused by a possible recall of Senate Bill 5, will have an effect on the schools in the next few years, she said.

It also will be a time to reassess the district's direction as a new superintendent and assistant superintendent take over in the fall, she said.

Keegan, an attorney, still has three of four children in the schools and said she believes she is ready to take on the board's challenges over the next four years.

"The main reason I decided to run is, there is an enormous learning curve," she said. "I have learned so much in the past four years. I would like to use it to hit the ground running in the next four years."

Wilson is a professor of law at Ohio State University and has been on the board for eight years.

"I found it to be satisfying," Wilson said. "There is a lot to be done to keep an excellent school district improving."

Kucinski is a language-arts teacher-leader at Dublin Coffman High School. He has a Ph.D. in educational psychology from OSU.

His Facebook page on March 3 listed his qualifications as community member, homeowner, taxpayer and parent of three boys. He has lived in Colonial Hills for 10 years.

Hyre is a tax lawyer, accountant and real estate investor who lives in Worthington Hills. He reportedly participated in the Worthington Hills Independence Day parade as a board candidate.

He recently spoke to the board about the lack of transparency in the process of negotiating and approving labor contracts for teachers.