After a few hitches, Worthington's new trash haulers are catching on to the routine.

After a few hitches, Worthington's new trash haulers are catching on to the routine.

"It seems to be going pretty well," said city spokesperson Anne Brown. "We haven't had a lot of complaints from people about missed collections."

Local Waste Services took over solid waste collection in the city of Worthington Jan. 1, replacing Rumpke, which picked up residents' trash, recyclables, and yard waste every Friday for nearly two decades.

Worthington awarded the solid waste contract to Local Waste in November after it entered a bid on the project that is approximately $100,000 less than the city had been paying Rumpke.

Over the five years of the contract, the city stands to save nearly $500,000, Brown said.

In December, the new contractor distributed two recycling bins to each household. Unlike the Rumpke bins, the new ones do not have lids.

The city received some complaints about the lack of lids. The recommendation is that heavier items be placed atop lighter recyclables, like newspapers.

If residents have not already turned their Rumpke recycling bins back to the company, they can also save the domed lids, which fit on the new containers. Brown said it was OK with Rumpke that residents keep the lids.

The Rumpke flat lids do not fit the new bins.

Many residents already returned the old bins and lids to Rumpke, which picked them up in late December and on Jan. 6.

If they wish, those residents may purchase a bin with a lid from a retailer, but the bin needs to be clearly marked that it is for recycling. Free stickers for both recycling and yard waste are available at the city service department on Highland Avenue.

Some calls about the time of pick-up were also received by the city, Brown said.

Local Waste is on a different timetable, but in general trash is being picked up between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., as is required in the contract.

As the contractor gets used to new routes, neighborhoods, and streets, collection should wrap up earlier, she said.