What started as one Worthington mom sifting through trash has mushroomed into a regional drive to recycle electronic waste.

What started as one Worthington mom sifting through trash has mushroomed into a regional drive to recycle electronic waste.

Big Green Head, started three years ago by Karen Ferris and Kate Midnight, will launch a 2012 e-waste drop-off program at Easton Town Center on April 13 and 14.

It will continue April 21 at Watterson High School, then go to Reynoldsburg High School on May 12, and will return to Thomas Worthington High School (TWHS) on May 19.

That is Green on the Green Day in Worthington, an event started by Big Green Head two years ago.

More than 50 booths are already scheduled for the event, which is designed to show people ways to "go green" in their daily lives.

The electronic recycling was begun as part of last year's Green on the Green Day, when Ferris and Midnight brought in a recycling company to collect old computer equipment, cell phones, DVD players, amplifiers, and other unwanted electronic equipment.

Set up at TWHS and run by Accurate IT, a certified electronics recycler, the drop-off netted more than 50,000 pounds of unwanted electronics.

The two women were surprised and pleased.

"We decided it was such a great idea we would take it all over central Ohio," Ferris said.

Residents are encouraged to recycle their old and unused electronics rather than put them in the trash. E-waste is the fastest growing segment of the nation's trash, she said.

Accurate IT refurbishes what can be salvaged, and sells it for a profit. Those items not salvageable are dismantled, with the scrap materials passed on to downstream vendors for recycling.

Part of the proceeds paid by Accurate IT are donated to nonprofit organizations, and part goes back to Big Green Head.

"We get a little bit of a cut to keep growing our business," Ferris said.

Think Columbus First will benefit from the two-day Easton E-waste drop-off, which will be at the corner of Worth Avenue and Fenlon Street, behind the Coach store.

Big Green Head will be joined by Easton Farmers Market, Celebrate Local, Think Columbus First, and Honest Tea, which will share information and samples with businesses and people dropping off unwanted electronics.

Ferris said they are excited to be at Easton for Earth Week.

"This is more than just an e-waste collection, but an opportunity to bring environmental awareness to a lot of people while raising money for a great local cause," she said.

She is also excited to return to Worthington, where Big Green Head started with her picking through residents' trash to find items that could be recycled.

Originally, she was looking for ways to help her own family, which had been hit hard by the recession. Then she started selling some of the items she found in the trash, and decided to look for someone to help her start a website where she could blog about what she was doing.

She found Midnight, who was also a mother of children at Worthington Estates Elementary School, though the two had not met.

Once on the Internet, they found local residents sharing thoughts about about how much was needed to be done to make Worthington more ecologically friendly.

That is when Ferris and Midnight decided to form Big Green Head and approached the city about setting up Green on the Green on one quadrant of the Village Green two years ago.

Last year, the event grew to three quadrants of the Green, and it is expected to be that big again.

"This year, people are finding us," Ferris said.

Tony Lordo, D.D.S., and Worthington Optimal Wellness have signed on as sponsors. Free Big Head T-shirts will be available.

Once again, there will be live music and food along with vendors informing people about "green" issues including electric cars, solar panels, square-foot gardening and homemade root beer.