As Cal Taylor's tenure on the Sharon Memorial Hall board comes to an end, members of American Legion Post 239 hope for a new era of peaceful co-existence between the post and the neighboring memorial building.

As Cal Taylor's tenure on the Sharon Memorial Hall board comes to an end, members of American Legion Post 239 hope for a new era of peaceful co-existence between the post and the neighboring memorial building.

First, Post 239 is trying to fend off one final power play in the struggle over control of the parking lot next to the Legion Hall, at 700 Morning St.

During a meeting of the Sharon Township trustees and several hall board members July 18, the board treasurer confirmed what Post 239 members had suspected -- that Taylor plans to grass over the parking lot, leaving no parking area near the Post 239 headquarters.

Dan Murphy, who belongs to Post 239 and recently was appointed to the hall board, said someone was seen in the past few weeks taking measurements of the parking lot.

Taylor was invited to the meeting but did not attend. But John Mueller, board treasurer, confirmed that plans exist to grass over the parking lot.

"There is no reason to do that other than spite," Murphy said.

John Oberle, president of the Sharon Township trustees and an attorney, advised Post 239 to write a letter to Taylor, asking for a discussion of the issue, and to seek legal counsel.

Reached by telephone at home, Taylor declined to comment on any of the issues that have been simmering for several years.

"I think I will withhold any comments until later," Taylor told ThisWeek.

The struggles among the memorial hall board, Sharon trustees and Post 239 began when Taylor began serving on the board.

Oberle said he is not sure if that was 2007 or 2008. He also isn't certain when Taylor's term expires. It might have expired June 30, or it could continue to next year. He said he has been requesting records from the hall board for six years, and his requests have not been answered.

The memorial hall building is the red-brick building with the cannon in the front yard, at the southeast corner of East Granville Road and Morning Street. It was purchased with money from a tax levy passed in 1945 and has been run by the nonprofit board ever since.

In 1975, it became the offices of the Sharon Township trustees, as well as headquarters for the Sharon Township police.

In 2009, the hall board and township did not reach a new lease agreement, forcing the trustees and police to find a new location.

The building had fallen into disrepair, and the township was not paying enough rent, Taylor said at the time.

After the building was vacated, the hall board upgraded it, fixing everything from the heating, air conditioning and plumbing to the brickwork and the hardwood floors.

The building is being rented to several tenants and reportedly is self-supporting.

The memorial hall board then turned its attention to the Post 239 hall, which is next door and always has used a parking area next to the hall.

The board asked Post 239 to sign legal papers and agree to pay monthly rent, plus put $25,000 into an escrow account for future parking lot improvements.

Post 239 has set aside the money requested but says it already pays for upkeep of the lot and balked at ending the "gentleman's agreement" between the board and the post.

A few months ago, Post 239 members pulled into the parking lot to find signs threatening to tow any cars parked in the lot.

Earlier this summer, someone placed concrete parking barriers at the entrances to the driveway into the Post 239 hall.

Taylor also refused to allow a July 7 family picnic that was to be held at the post's hall by the families of the members of the Ohio National Guard Band, Murphy said. The band played on the Village Green that day and wanted a place to get together with family members prior to the concert.

Post 239 complied and asked that the band bus and any other vehicles park in the street. Still, Taylor objected and told the band it could not use the facilities, Murphy said.

In a letter from Legion Post Commander David Kelly to the commander of the National Guard Band, he stated: "I apologize for the confusion, the awkward position in which you found the organization and for the verbal tirade against the American Legion that Judy (Kessler) was forced to endure during the conversation she had with Cal Taylor regarding the 122nd Ohio National Guard Band and the use of Post (239) facilities."

Judy is the wife of Chief Warrant Officer Robin Kessler, band commander.

The latest struggle is over the appointment of new members to the memorial hall board.

The township trustees, who appoint the board, appointed Murphy and Pam Kelly, the post commander's wife.

During a May 1 meeting, Taylor refused to recognize the appointments, and board member John Haueisen resigned in protest of the appointments.

In a letter to ThisWeek Worthington News, Haueisen said township trustees are circumventing the board's bylaws on the solicitation, interview and evaluation of potential board members.

He accused the trustees of "packing" the board with "political puppets."

Oberle said he would continue to attempt to get records of the hall board so that the end of Taylor's tenure could be determined. He said he is moving ahead cautiously but has hopes for a "new day."

"My goal is to normalize relationships and to bring people together to impact our veterans in a good way," he said.