Simsbury Place Phase 2 has been sent back for design No. 4.

Simsbury Place Phase 2 has been sent back for design No. 4.

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) on Sept. 13 tabled the latest proposal for the Proprietors Road residential development, telling architect Carter Bean that garages facing the street would not be acceptable.

The latest proposal showed 10 two-story town houses built immediately north of the 16-unit, three-story, multifamily building.

Bean agreed to flip the town houses, placing the one-car garages in the rear, with the front of the homes and porches on the front.

MPC will wait to see the new design before granting a development plan amendment.

Simsbury Place Phase I was built several years ago as a luxury, three-story, 16-unit condominium complex. The units did not sell; the building went to sheriff's sale; and the new owner eventually rented the units.

Original plans called for a matching building on the property immediately to the north, at 805 Proprietors Road.

In March, Simsbury Investments, represented by Bean, returned to the city with plans for a three-story, 16-unit building. Unlike the first building, it would not have parking on the first floor.

MPC recommended the requested amendment to the development plan, but after determining construction costs, the owner did not take the plans to Worthington City Council for final approval, according to a memo from Worthington development coordinator Lynda Bitar.

The town house proposal would pick up design elements of the original building, with hipped roofs, gables, roof vents, similar windows and siding used on the town houses and brick on the garages.

The garages shouldn't face the street, MPC members agreed.

"This is not what we want for Proprietors Road," Bitar said.

The unit would be built as condominiums but probably would be rented by the owners until the economy improves, Bean said.