The Convention & Visitors Bureau of Worthington will receive more of the city's 6-percent bed tax next year.

The Convention & Visitors Bureau of Worthington will receive more of the city's 6-percent bed tax next year.

Although Worthington City Council still could change its mind when it approves its final operating budget in December, members tentatively have given a thumbs-up to remove the $100,000 cap that had been placed on CVB funding three years ago.

Beginning in January 2013, the bureau likely will be allocated 66 percent of the bed tax, which is collected primarily from taxes on guests at the Worthington Holiday Inn. That was the amount allocated to the CVB when it was formed by council in 2001. The highest amount ever allocated was $123,000 in 2008.

The cap was put in place after the city's income-tax revenues dipped and council trimmed spending in various city departments.

Bed-tax revenues that are not allocated to the CVB go into the city's general operating fund.

In 2011 and in 2012, the CVB allocation would have been $112,000 without the cap.

If the 2013 allocation reaches $114,000, the CVB must return to council to discuss any further income from the bed tax, according to council member Scott Myers.

"If we have a windfall year, we would like to see some of it back," he said during the Nov. 19 council meeting.

The additional income would beef up CVB spending on advertising, marketing and promotions from $29,500 in 2012 to $38,500 in 2013, according to figures supplied to the city. Also, salaries and benefits would increase.

The CVB promotes tourism and visits to Worthington via advertising, working with companies and organizations that are planning meetings and coordinating with travel agencies, especially companies that plan bus tours.

In 2012, one overnight bus trip and 28 day trips were made to Worthington.

Also 23 conventions and meetings were held, producing 4,943 room nights for the Holiday Inn and 1,200 room nights for member hotels at Crosswoods, which is in Columbus.

The primary development in 2012 was the new website created jointly by the CVB, the Olde Worthington Business Association and the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce.

The website includes a calendar of events and information about shops, restaurants and tourist attractions in Worthington, as well as a blog.

Mindy Mace is the director of the CVB. Its office is on the second floor of the Griswold Center.