PreCycle Day is coming around again.

PreCycle Day is coming around again.

Saturday, Aug. 10, will be the second PreCycle Day of the year, and the first ever to be held in August.

The curbside free exchange of goods has been held in April for the past four years.

After this year's event, organizer Fred Yaeger of Sustainable Worthington posted an online survey. Besides attesting to the popularity of PreCycle, many of the 97 respondents asked for a second Precycle Day.

The August event will be the same as the ones held in April.

From 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., all city residents may set on their curbs any items they no longer want but don't want to throw away. Just about anything goes on Precycle Day, as previous events have proven.

Common items that reach the curb include household goods, toys, sports equipment, building materials, books and lots of miscellaneous items.

Anyone may help themselves to the reusable items. No money changes hands.

Originally held in conjunction with Earth Day, the purpose of "precycling" is to keep reusable items from the landfill; to save energy required to process trash; to unclutter garages, basements and bedrooms; and to save money.

PreCycle Day also gives neighbors an opportunity to get together and build bonds, according to organizers.

PreCycle Day grew out of a discussion among Sustainable Worthington members in 2009. A few members researched similar events, talked to city officials, set up the guidelines and planned the first PreCycle Day, which was held in April 2010.

The first PreCycle events were held Wednesdays and Thursdays so that items that weren't taken could be left for Worthington's regular trash collection Friday mornings.

Beginning this year, the PreCycle moved to Saturday so more people would be able to participate. The move also makes the event safer, as children are not walking to school while the additional traffic is on the streets and allows more eyes to watch out for people who take things that aren't intended for Precycle Day exchanges.

The drawback is that residents must remove all leftover items by the end of Saturday. Items that aren't claimed may be given away through three local Facebook pages: PreCycle Day, Worthington Estates Free/Lend/Borrow or Colonial Hills Free/Lend/Borrow.

Many charities also accept donations of used goods.