Police are looking for a man indicted by a Franklin County grand jury for allegedly scamming senior citizens out of nearly $50,000.

Police are looking for a man indicted by a Franklin County grand jury for allegedly scamming senior citizens out of nearly $50,000.

Worthington police said Adolfo Castaneda, 40, agreed to complete repair work for 14 individuals, including 11 seniors and one disabled victim, but never performed any of the work. The alleged victims include residents of Worthington, Westerville and Columbus.

The promised repairs ranged from roofing and gutter work to tree trimming and other home repairs through two companies called AC's Home Restoration Services and A&J's Home Restoration.

Police said Castaneda lives and operates his business out of area hotels and they believe he still is operating the businesses.

Worthington police Sgt. Michael Holton said detective Emily Lanzer cracked the case after finding several cases in other jurisdictions in which a victim reported Castaneda's dealings to police, who said they could not help.

"It's not that it's an isolated case, but that (police often say) it's a civil rather than criminal matter," Holton said. "When people enter into a contract and then you pay them money, whatever the agreed-upon amount was, once the victim pays that money and the person does any type of work at all, a lot of times it gets misinterpreted that it's going to be civil rather than criminal."

In this case, however, Castaneda wasn't doing any work.

But the investigation still was a difficult process, Holton said, because victims have a tendency to be embarrassed by the situation and fail to report it.

"The elderly are usually more trusting and they also could feel intimidated by the individual," Holton said. "A lot of time there are multiple individuals or a group and they just agree to pay that and don't report it to police or even their family members."

Holton credited Lanzer's hard work with putting the pieces together.

"She did a long, thorough investigation and was able to identify these other victims and made contact with them," he said.

Holton said police are hopeful any others who may have been a victim will come forward.

The indictment handed down Aug. 19 includes one misdemeanor count and 14 felony counts, including theft from an elderly person or disabled adult and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. If convicted, Castaneda could face more than 10 years in prison.

Police have asked anyone with more information on Castaneda or his whereabouts to contact their local police station.