Motorists who speed and run red lights can expect a ticket in Gahanna, especially if the violation occurs along Hamilton Road.

The Gahanna Division of Police launched a traffic-enforcement initiative Jan. 30, focusing on Hamilton Road in the area of Gahanna Lincoln High School during morning rush hour.

Officers are focusing on speeding and red-light violations.

Deputy Police Chief Jeff Spence said the traffic-enforcement initiative will focus on issues that contribute to crashes in one of the more congested and high-crash areas in the city -- Hamilton Road between Morrison Road and Granville Street, and specifically the intersection of Hamilton Road and Rocky Fork Boulevard.

"Residents, business owners, school officials and those who commute through the area have often contacted us to voice their concern over flagrant traffic violators," he said. "As this area is congested with vehicle and pedestrian traffic during the peak hours when students arrive and depart Gahanna Lincoln High School, it poses a significant safety concern."

Speeding within the school zone and red-light violations are the primary contributors to crashes along this section of Hamilton Road, Spence said.

In the first two days of the initiative, police issued 22 citations.

"In the interest of transparency, we used our social media sites to broadcast our intent and purpose," Spence said. "We will continue to have a presence in this area and others to impact dangerous driving behavior and reduce crashes."

The police used Twitter with #drivesafe and #buckleup, reminding everyone to drive safely and adhere to all traffic-control devices.

Police also reminded all pedestrian traffic to utilize crosswalks property.

Mark Thomas, Gahanna's director of public safety, said the traffic initiative on Hamilton Road is a result of numerous complaints regarding the speed of vehicles through the school zone during school hours, along with vehicles failing to stop for red traffic signals in the same area.

"It is the city's responsibility to maintain a safe environment not only for our motorists but for the pedestrians, as well," Thomas said. "Hopefully, this initiative will redirect the focus of our drivers to obey all traffic laws as they operate their motor vehicles throughout our city."