It’s probably never going to happen, but how fun it would be to have your favorite athlete, musician, author or other celebrity deliver a pizza to your front door?

ThisWeek staffers respond to the question: Whom would you most like to deliver pizza to your house?

Sara Sole: Lil Bub, the cat

Neil Thompson: Kevin Costner. If he's not available, legendary ThisWeek staff writer Andrew King.

Lisa Proctor: Ezekiel Elliott. It would arrive fast.

Dennis Laycock: Mr. Pink, because I wouldn't have to tip him.

Scott Hummel: Jerry from the local pizza shop, though he isn’t a celebrity. He and I grew up together and chat about old times every time he delivers.

Abby Armbruster: It would be cool to see Kristen Bell or Mindy Kaling stop by with pizza, assuming that also means they can stick around to chat and eat pizza with me.

Nate Ellis: I'd prefer Bob Dylan, but I don't think he'd get involved in something like that. So, I'd go with Todd Snider.

Andrew King: If Harvest Pizzeria delivered, it would be all I eat.

Lee Cochran: My nephew, Trey. He and I would get pizza every couple of weeks before he moved. Miss those times.