All UA households should now be in receipt of the city's annual utility bill, which was mailed out by the city's finance department mid-February.

The annual utility bill covers the stormwater utility fee, solid-waste service fee and, in some cases, a neighborhood-lighting utility fee.

The $45 stormwater utility fee helps to defray the costs of our city's deteriorating storm drainage system, whereas the $64 solid-waste service fee goes to refuse, recycling and yard-waste-collection services.

Part of the solid-waste service fee allows us to spread costs and provide recycling collection at no added cost to our residents.

If you'd like to pay your annual utility bill now, just look for the link under the Headlines section of our homepage at All you need is your address and a debit or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

For more information about these fees, you may call the finance department at 614-583-5280 or you can download a copy of the stormwater- and solid-waste-fee brochure at

UACA membership

When you do reach for your utility bill, you will also find a request for membership to the UA Civic Association for 2017 -- the more residents who join now, the less work for the volunteer team that will head out into UA neighborhoods for The Walk in late April/early May.

Solid-waste update

A second insert in the mailing is a letter from the city about potential changes to the solid-waste program. More will follow on this issue in the coming weeks, but the time is upon us to prepare for a new contract that will take effect next spring. With this new contract, components of service delivery are likely to change, along with an accompanying pricing structure.

The letter directs residents to our website for additional information, for future updates and the opportunity to share your thoughts on three options that are under consideration. We have already started to receive emails from residents with their thoughts on this topic, which we greatly appreciate. But we know there are many more who have yet to share their thoughts with us and so I encourage you to take a few moments to learn about the options and let us know what you think. As a weekly service that affects every household, the solid waste program is one of the most tangible and impactful services we provide.

Theodore J. Staton is Upper Arlington's city manager. This column is provided to ThisWeek Upper Arlington News by his office.