Worthington detectives are investigating a case in which a senior citizen has lost more than $30,000.

According to reports, a Worthington man has been the victim of systematic theft over the course of several months. According to Sgt. James Moran, a suspect who has not been named has allegedly been "coercing" the victim into repeatedly lending money.

Police believe the victim was embarrassed and perhaps intimidated, leading to the lack of reporting on the situation until the victim's son became aware.

The investigation is ongoing, and no arrests have been made.

In other recent incident reports from the Worthington Division of Police:

* Someone broke into a food truck while it sat in the 7200 block of North High Street between Feb. 16 and 17, stealing about $6,000 in stainless steal items that are likely meant to be scrapped.

Police determined that someone pried open a door of the truck, reports stated.

* A construction site in the 300 block of West Wilson Bridge Road has been the subject of "chronic, random" break-ins resulting in vandalism for several weeks, according to Moran.

In the most recent example, someone broke into the building between Feb. 12 and 13 to open paint cans and cause other damage. Moran said the case will likely not be solved, and is likely the work of juveniles.