Upper Arlington's fiscal picture is drastically different today than it was five years ago.

This trend toward the positive has allowed us to tackle capital projects at an unprecedented rate. As we enter our fourth year of an expanded 10-year capital improvement program, the list of construction projects planned is already impressive.

At the top of the list are the reconstruction of Reed Road and a bike path and road-improvement project on West Fifth Avenue. Sections of 18 streets will be reconstructed and another 22 streets will receive resurfacing work.

We also have various bridge improvements, water line replacements, streetlight replacement projects and more.

With a strong fund balance on hand, City Council has directed our Engineering Division to go one step further. The result is the addition of the 2017 sidewalk connection project. This project aims to promote pedestrian connectivity in areas determined by the Safe Routes to School Travel Plan and to target community requests to fill in gaps in our sidewalk infrastructure. It includes new sidewalk on one side of the street in the following areas:

* Canterbury Road from Riverside Drive to Tremont Road.

* Cambridge Boulevard from Riverside Drive to Tremont Road.

* Lane Road from Riverside Drive to Reed Road.

* Coach Road from Lane Road north to Fontenay Place and an additional gap further north.

* Middlesex Road from Woodbridge Road to Windermere Road.

* Tremont Road from Arlington Avenue to Westover Road.

Additional sidewalks also will be added along Tremont with the 2017 street maintenance project and the 2017 street reconstruction project, to provide 3.7 miles of continuous sidewalk along Tremont Road from Kenny Road south to North Star Road.

To see what is proposed, visit uaoh.net/sidewalkoptions.

The Engineering Division also invites residents to an informational meeting on this project from 6 to 8 p.m. today, March 9, at the Municipal Building, 3600 Tremont Road. Staff will have the proposed sidewalk exhibits at this meeting and will be able to answer any questions residents may have about this project. This is not a formal presentation, and curious residents may arrive any time during those hours.

Those who cannot attend the meeting or have any questions or concerns regarding the project may call the Engineering Division at 614-583-5360 or send an email to the project's field engineer, Roberta Barkhimer, at rbarkhimer@ uaoh.net.


Last week's column about the 2017 utility bill incorrectly listed the amount due for the Solid Waste Service fee. The correct amount is $64, as listed on your invoice. Our apologies for any confusion.

Theodore J. Staton is Upper Arlington's city manager. This column is provided to ThisWeek Upper Arlington News by his office.