In 1966, the playground across from what's now Stevenson Elementary School was outfitted with new playground equipment.

The playground was designed around equipment purchased from the Miracle Playground Equipment Co. out of Grinnel, Iowa (a section of their brochure showing the different equipment and a sample layout is inset).

The playground, named the Kiddie Korral, was the brainchild of Mayor Joseph Wyman and was funded with donations from residents coordinated by the Ohio National Bank on First Avenue.

This photo shows Wyman discussing the installation with some parents; in the foreground, children play on the "Jack and Jill" climbing and sliding installation.

Other installations in the playground included the Dome Whirl, the Flying Pony swing and the Mustang Whirl, along with other swings and slides and an all-purpose shelter.

This photo is from the center of the playground looking west toward the intersection of Oxley Road and First Avenue, with the school to the right.