A leaky, 26-year-old roof at a facility that houses a service shop for all city vehicles, as well as UA's public works, engineering and electrical divisions, will be replaced this year.

In 1991, Upper Arlington's Public Service Center was built at 4100 Roberts Road to provide space for city workers to repair and maintain all city vehicles, including police, fire and emergency medical units. It's also a place where Public Works employees can manufacture and maintain city street signs.

In recent years, the roof that was installed when the building was constructed has begun to leak, according to city staff members.

"The roof membrane was installed in 1991 and has recently experienced several leaks in the interior office space with numerous roof repairs performed in recent years to address leaks," City Engineer Jackie Thiel said. "Based on a 2015 inspection, the roof of the Public Service Center has reached the end of its functional life and should be replaced."

Upper Arlington City Council agreed, unanimously signing off last month on a $321,597 contract with Kalkreuth Roofing & Sheet Metal to replace the roof. Contingencies built into the contract could bring the total costs to $353,756.

"Clearly, if staff comes to us and says the center is in need of roof repairs, we're going to act on that," Councilman John C. Adams said.

In addition to the staff recommendation, a May 2015 inspection conducted by American Structurepoint Inc. stated that numerous leaks were discovered in the interior office area at the south end of the facility.

It also recommended the installation of "snow guards" to protect employees and vehicles from sliding snow and ice in loading areas at the rear of the building.

"We are of the opinion that the (original) roof above the office areas and the partial fleet bay has reached the end of its functional life and should be replaced," Luke Showalter, an American Structurepoint project manager stated in the report. "Repairing the roof would act only as a preventative measure in the near term, but would not fully bring the waterproofing capability of the roof back to its original state."

Upper Arlington Public Service Director Mark Kelsey said he is aware of at least one incident where snow slid off the facility's roof and onto a city vehicle.

"Our schedule calls for work to commence early spring and be completed by mid-summer," Kelsey said.