Marisol Mitchell heard the beat and couldn't help dancing.

The blond-haired, 1-year-old old bent her knees in time to music blaring over a speaker Feb. 25 at Dublin Scioto High School while her parents, Jennifer and Ryan, watched with smiles.

Marisol wasn't the only one feeling the energy at Scioto's Read-A-Latte event, which featured foods and performances from a variety of cultures represented by students.

The event, held annually, raises money for the school's African Library Project.

Maha Asad, a 15-year-old sophomore, and Heva Alnababdeh, a 19-year-old senior, made a poster together for the event to represent Jordan. Asad brought rice with chicken and beans, and both she and Alnababdeh brought desserts.

Jennifer Mitchell, who teaches English to English language learners at Scioto, said the event was a great opportunity to showcase cultures and languages.

"It's a chance for my students to really be the experts in something," she said.