The 2017 road construction season will soon be upon us, and it's shaping up to be one of the busiest in UA's history, as we enter the fourth year of our new 10-year capital improvement program planning process.

The price tag for this year's street reconstruction program is expected to be approximately $3.8 million, three times the expenditure from past years. These projects comprise complete road reconstruction, new curb and gutter, driveway apron replacement and storm sewer repairs on sections of the following streets:

Avalon Road (Zollinger to Kenyon); Edgemont Road North (Wyandotte to Northwest Blvd.); Harlton Court (Vassar Place to cul de sac); Kenyon Road (Avalon to Wickliffe); Langham Road (Redding to Somerford); Mackenzie Drive (Nugent to Meekison); Melford Road (Inchcliffe to Zollinger); Middlesex Road (Woodbridge to Mountview); Milden Road (Redding to Tremont); Pemberton Drive (Tremont to Fishinger); Randmore Road (Ardwick to Mumford); Ridgecliff Road (Redding to Sciotangy and Colchester to Tremont); Springhill Drive (Mountview to Redding); South Mallway (Arlington Avenue to Waltham); Tremont Road (North Star to Coventry); Waltham Road (Arlington Avenue to Bedford); Wilshire Drive (Andover to Welsford) Wyandotte Road (Tremont to corporate line and Stanford to Edgemont Road North.)

At an overall cost of approximately $1.7 million, road resurfacing work designed to prolong the useful life of a street will be conducted on sections of: Airendel Court, Airendel Lane, Avalon Road, Brackley Road, Dorchester Road, Edington Road, Greensview Drive, Kentwell Road, Lanercost Road, Lanes End, Lytham Road, Masters Drive, Mountview Road, Northam Road, Nugent Road, Ridgeview Road, Rosebery Drive, Sandover Road, Stanford Road, Tremont Road, Wilshire Road and Woodbridge Road.

Other highlights include a Reed Road reconstruction project from Henderson Road south to Lane Road; the West Fifth Avenue bike path and roadway improvement project, made possible through grants and a partnership with Marble Cliff; bridge improvements that include replacement projects on Abington Road over Evans Run and Brixton Road over Evans Run, and a bridge lining project on Kenny Road over Turkey Run; replacing water lines, service transfer and installation of full-depth pavement patches on Asbury Road, Reed Road and Wyandotte Road; new streetlights on McCoy Road and Kioka Avenue; and replacing traffic signals at the Andover Road and Northam Road intersection.

For most of these projects, residents on the affected streets will be invited to a public meeting before work begins.

In the case of the street maintenance program, these homes will receive a postcard from the engineering department.

Full project details can be found at under Living in UA | Road Construction Updates, where you can register for updates on some projects.

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Theodore J. Staton is Upper Arlington's city manager. This column is provided to ThisWeek Upper Arlington News by his office.