Nicholas Botti, aka Nick the Barber, was born in Rutino, Italy, in 1887 and arrived in Columbus when he was 16.

He initially worked in his sponsor family's grocery store (he was taken in by the Adorno family, who had lost a son, Nicholas), spent time working in the Carmen Spaghetti factory on Goodale Boulevard and finally settled on being a barber.

His first barbershop was on Goodale in Flytown and was known as Nick's Place.

He relocated his family to Grandview Heights and opened the Village Barbershop at 1668 W. First Ave. in 1920. His shop occupied the east side of the building; the west side was leased to various tenants.

Botti became a master gardener and maintained a garden to the rear of his barbershop. He was renowned for the quality of his strawberries and grapes.

He died in 1974 at the age of 87. A hair salon currently occupies the building that housed his barber shop. It's directly across from the Grandview Heights Public Library.