To the Editor:

I continue to read of the installation of the new crosswalk beacons in downtown Worthington.

I'm afraid the city has been sold a very imprudent bill of goods here.

This overly complex series of six different reaction demands of the driver based on light colors and sequencing is absurd. Most drivers cannot recognize the need to slow at yellow lights, and now Worthington actually is increasing the need for motorists trying to navigate overly cumbersome Worthington streets to think and anticipate a new complex system of signals.

This is a big mistake, and, I imagine, an expensive one. Many delays and costs later, I ask what is wrong with a flashing light or blinking LED to get someone across the street like every other city in the United States.

I'm afraid you are going to have cars piled upon each other as accidents increase dramatically and generally confuse motorists. Also, tell us the total cost to purchase and install. This has not been published.

Richard Martinski