Get in, get fit, get out.

That's one of the main selling points for a chain of kickboxing fitness gyms, one of the newest of which is now open at 4219 N. High St. in Clintonville.

9Round Fitness, which offers a complete and vigorous workout in 30 minutes, has 409 locations in the United States. Six of those are in central Ohio, though the Clintonville location is the first within Columbus.

The owners of the Clintonville franchise, as well as one that opened earlier in Lewis Center, are business partners and life partners Anka "Booya" Walker and Matt "The Mailman" Chmielewski of Westerville.

The parents of two teenage boys said they both tried the 9Round workout at the Westerville location, liked it and decided to put their entrepreneurial inclinations into high gear.

"I've always been a gym guy, the traditional gym -- treadmill, lift weights, all of that stuff," said Chmielewski, who also works as a real-estate agent. "As I got into my 40s it got harder and harder to lift the amount of weights I used to lift because my joints hurt, my knees hurt, I had a torn rotator cuff."

Walker, who discovered her enjoyment of working out at a Lifestyle Fitness gym that abruptly closed, said she dropped in at the local 9Round site as she neared the end of 18 unsatisfying months in the corporate world.

"I tried it, I like it and I said, 'I'll do this,' " Walker recalled.

After a time, she convinced her skeptical partner to try a 9Round workout.

"I didn't think I could do it," Chmielewski said. "I went in and tried it and not only could I do it, but also it was 30 minutes, as opposed to an hour and a half. It didn't hurt when I was done. If anything, it made the muscles of my shoulder stronger. I had basically stopped using that shoulder."

Once the couple committed to becoming 9Round franchisees, they had to find locations that weren't in competition with the existing outlets. The Lewis Center location was their first, and then the real-estate agent in Chmielewski took over in finding the second, Walker said.

"We decided on Clintonville," she said. "Because Matt is a Realtor, he knows about the demographics of the area. He just thought this would be a good place to drop into."

"It seemed like a good fit," Chmielewski said. "If anything, Clintonville's ahead of the pace we set in Lewis Center. It's working out pretty well. I think we want to get these stores really rolling before we open up a third, but that's definitely in our plan."

The Clintonville location certainly won't have a problem attracting a crowd; it shares a building with the highly anticipated second location of foodie phenomenon Hot Chicken Takeover.

9Round Fitness offers personal trainers and, unlike other gyms, no class times; a 30-minute, nine-station session begins every three minutes.

"You're never late for class," Walker said. "You're always on time."

"I was absolutely blown away the first time I walked in and did a workout," said Christine Cancel, a Muay Thai fighter and one of the trainers at the Clintonville location.

The brevity of the sessions helps keep clients coming back, Cancel said.

"It was quick and efficient. You're never stopping," she said. "The whole entire time you're working out."