Dublin City Council is considering the award of incentives to a Post Road business to aid in its expansion.

The city is offering Ease Logistics Services, LLC a five-year, 10-percent performance incentive on withholdings collected for employees between 2018 and 2022.

Ease Logistics is a provider of supply chain management services. The company has outgrown its Post Road facility, where it has 28 employees.

The incentive would be capped at $25,300. In return, Ease Logistics would add 27 new jobs in Dublin by the end of 2022. Under the terms of the agreement, Ease Logistics needs to purchase a property within Dublin and reach predetermined annual withholdings targets to qualify for the incentives.

Dublin is expected to net approximately $211,700 over the five-year term of the agreement.

Council members will vote on the ordinance at their April 10 meeting.