Winter might be stubbornly keeping a grip on the month of March, but the season overall was a mild one.

This winter, Dublin has used 3,361 tons of road salt, said Rob James, the city's director of street and utilities operations. Last year's road salt use was 3,757.

Both years pale in comparison, however, to the winter of 2014-15, when Dublin used 13,132 tons of salt.

"We've had two pretty easy winters in a row," James said.

James said he never expects a mild winter, though. Rather, the city plans to use about 12,000 tons of salt each winter.

Through different purchasing contracts, the city had budgeted to purchase 8,000 tons of salt this year.

Dublin can store a maximum of 4,000 tons of salt at a time, James said, which is not a large quantity to have considering the city's size.

At the beginning of the winter, Dublin started out with 4,000 tons of salt.

The city used 3,361 tons so far, and purchased an additional 2,535 tons for a cost of $114,658.

This year, city staff responded to 13 snow events, James said. The most snowfall at a time was around 2 inches.

"They've all been very minor," he said.

Snow is not as serious a threat for maintenance as ice is.

Ice is instantly dangerous everywhere, and difficult to clear from roads, James said. As a result, workers use large quantities of salt on icy roads.

The mild season was also illustrated by the Ohio Department of Transportation's road salt use.

From Nov. 1, 2016, through March 15 the Ohio Department of Transportation district that includes Dublin used 10,101 tons of salt on interstates, state and U.S. routes, bridges and ramps, spokeswoman Nancy Burton said.

As of March 15, 2016, ODOT had used 10,782 tons of salt. By March 15, 2015, ODOT had used 27,082 tons of salt.

"Clearly these numbers show it has been mild this winter and last winter in terms of ODOT salt usage," Burton said.