This undated photograph shows the north end of the Grandview Avenue Bank Block, looking southwest from the then-vacant east side of Grandview Avenue.

The building at the far right, now the home of Cameron Mitchell's The Avenue Steak Tavern, housed an ice-cream store and the New Far East Chinese restaurant.

Across the alley, in the space now occupied by Spagio European & Pacific Rim Cuisine, is Robbins Five and Dime and the Kroger Grocery and Baking Co.

Next door to Kroger is another grocery chain, the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co., also known as A&P.

A&P offered meat and produce and, in 1936, adopted the self-serve supermarket concept.

To the south of A&P is the Carl G. Ludwig general store in the space originally occupied by Frank P. Hall Hardware.

The street is decorated for the Bank Block Merchants' Fall Festival, which was held in October each year.