To the Editor:

I am in total agreement with Richard Martinski's letter in the March 16 ThisWeek Worthington News edition: "New downtown crosswalk lights are confusing and dangerous."

Martinski took the words right from my mouth in explaining how confusing and potentially dangerous these new systems are. The city of Worthington thinks this new system will improve the pedestrian crossings of High Street at three places downtown.

If our drivers can't understand and follow basic rules as to how a crosswalk works, these new systems will not improve that. I predict there will be accidents aplenty, just as Martinski does in his letter. Martinski also points out the price of these three systems has not been divulged.

I would be interested in hearing from some Worthington City Council members and city staff as to the cost, operation and the efficiency of these systems for pedestrian use. I need a good laugh.

Avoid driving on High Street through Worthington and you'll avoid many headaches soon to come.

Doug Matthies