Members of Groveport City Council are considering the first pay raise for themselves and the mayor in more than two decades.

Legislation that would bump council members' annual salaries from $3,000 to $6,000 and the mayor's paycheck from $18,250 to $26,000 received its first reading during council's March 27 meeting.

The city charter allows council to consider salary changes prior to July 1 in odd-numbered years.

"The mayor and council members spend a great deal of their time working on behalf of the city for very little repayment," City Administrator Marsha Hall said in an email.

The ordinance authorizing the pay increases was scheduled for a second reading April 10, after ThisWeek's deadline. It could be adopted during council's April 24 meeting.

If approved, the legislation would go into effect 30 days later, but the new pay rates would not be effective until Jan. 1, 2018.

In determining size of the proposed raises, city officials reviewed data from the Central Ohio Council of Mayors, Hall said.

The legislation also formalizes family dental and vision insurance and a $3,000 life-insurance policy for council members.

The mayor also would be eligible for dental and vision benefits and life insurance totaling his or her salary.

The mayor's medical benefits would switch to the plan city employees have currently, Hall said.

"This is actually a savings to the city," she said. "This year, the savings would be $16,542."

Mayor Lance Westcamp remembers the last time council members considered raises for themselves and the mayor. He was a council member at the time.

"The vote went 3-3, and the mayor tried to break the tie," Westcamp said. "I looked at him and the law director said, 'You can't break the tie for your own pay raise.' "

In other business, council also is considering a parking ban on Canal Street between Walnut and College streets. Parking would limited to the south side of the street.

Safety forces have requested the ban because they were finding it difficult to travel the area with cars parked on both sides of the street.