Water-logged Sharon Meadows Park soon will be transformed into a "constructed wetland" and sedge meadow, neighborhood resident Rick Kritzer said.

Grants and a Columbus State Community College project will help make improvements to the northwest corner of the Clintonville park, Kritzer said in announcing plans for Earth Day on April 22.

BrightView, a landscaping firm, will perform work to make some areas of the park drier and turn other areas into small ponds.

Debra Knapke of Columbus State Community College is using the project to educate students in her class on green infrastructure for stormwater control.

On Feb. 21, four Sharon Heights Community Association/Nextdoor members met with representatives from the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department and Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed to discuss a large area of the park, where there is often standing water.

It is the location of the former Sharon School building, Kritzer said.

The building compacted the soil, which inhibits draining of rain water.

Grants from the Environmental Protection Agency and Ohio EPA are funding the project.

MAD Scientist Associates LLC and Knapke are working on plant selection for the wetland area.

Her students and other volunteers will install the plants.

Columbus Recreation and Parks will create and install signage to educate about the project.

Sharon Heights Community Association/Nextdoor members will assist with labor, learn how to maintain the planting, and provide food and drink, Kritzer said.