Trentin Hampton was enjoying his first visit to the Lego Club program at the Grove City Library.

"I love it," the Grove City 6-year-old said at the April 8 session. "As long as there's Legos, I like it."

The library has been holding the Lego Club activity since 2014, inspired by the popularity of the toy building bricks among youngsters, said Jessica Mowery, youth services assistant.

"People had been asking us about having a Lego program and it's something that other libraries have had a lot of success with," she said.

The library's Lego Club meets monthly most of the year, but it is held bi-weekly during the summer.

"That's when it really picks up," Mowery said. "We can have upwards of 90 kids in here during the summer.

"It's really fun then, because we only have a limited number of tables available, so you'll see 10 or 12 kids at one table working together on a project," she said.

Each month's gathering features a different theme. The April 8 session had an environmental theme.

Youngsters have 45 minutes to come up with a design and build an object to fit the theme, Mowery said.

"It's a chance for them to explore their creativity," she said. "The club's also about team work, working together to come up with a design."

"What's really nice about this program is that they let the children go in any direction they want with the theme," said Grove City resident Hayley Hampton, who accompanied her 8-year-old daughter, Hayden Kaiser, to the April 8 program.

"There's no right or wrong way for them to go," she said.

Hayden said she was building a wind-powered trash truck.

She was working at the same table with Trentin, who said he was building a wind-powered car.

"It's nice to see kids who may not even know each other playing together," said Toni Hampton, Trentin's mother.

"They're working on separate projects, but they're sharing ideas," Hampton said, motioning toward Trentin and Hayden who continued to work.

Hayden said she likes playing with Legos "because it's just fun to make things up. It's really fun to build something you think up in your mind.

"I like how with Legos you can just remove them and start again if you mess something up," she said.

Lily Garriga, 6, of Grove City said she plays with her Legos at home every chance she gets.

"Well, I have two Lego people and a Princess Lego set," she said. "I like that you can build whatever you want to make."

Sherry Viering of Grove City brought her son, Logan, 5, to the Lego Club for the first time April 8.

She watched with pride as Logan worked intently on what he called "a machine to help the environment."

"He's very creative and these kind of hands-on activities really spark his creativity," Viering said. "It's amazing to see the ideas he comes up with."

The next Lego Club program will be held at 3 p.m. May 6 at the library, 3959 Broadway.

The program will move to weekdays twice monthly in the summer, but the meeting dates are still to be determined, Mowery said.