I began my sixth year as Jackson Township's fiscal officer in 2017, and as a lifelong resident of the township, I am honored to be able to serve this community in such a meaningful way.

My duties are established in the Ohio Revised Code, but in short, I oversee and safeguard the township funds and work with the three elected trustees and administration to ensure public dollars are spent wisely.

The role of a township fiscal officer goes beyond being a good steward of taxpayer dollars. For example, I project the revenue by fund and create an operating budget for appropriations. I maintain the township's banking relations, deposit all receipts and pay bills in a timely manner. I have invested the township's excess cash in multiple accounts holding tiered certificates of deposit and through the Ohio Treasurer's State Treasury Asset Reserve of Ohio and STAR Plus programs for short-term holdings.

Jackson Township is participating in the Ohio Treasurer's OhioCheckbook.com program for transparency of its expenditures. I have uploaded two years of Jackson Township's operating expense disbursements and am in the process of adding 2016 expenses.

Residents can go to local.Ohiocheckbook.com, then select townships and Jackson (Franklin) to see our expenditures. There are tools on the left that can be used for filters and aggregations of data for searching and reporting. This site provides a front-end control panel to compare and report expenditures. Users can click on a vender/payee and view check details.

Jackson Township is located in southwestern Franklin County and south of Columbus, along the Scioto River on the east, Pleasant Township at Holt Road on the west and the Franklin/Pickaway County line to the south. State routes 62, 104, 665 and interstates 71 and 270 cross through the township.

The township was created in 1815 by early settlers, and we celebrated our 200th anniversary in 2015. The township has 37 square miles and a population of 41,866.

Jackson Township is the 14th largest township in Ohio according to 2010 U.S. Census data and includes Grove City and Urbancrest.

The township has nearly 120 employees providing emergency medical and fire services; park, road and cemetery maintenance; and administration and zoning. The fire department staffs and runs four fire stations within Grove City, and provides mutual aid to Columbus and surrounding townships.

It is a pleasure and my privilege to serve you. Learn more about me and my office at jacksontwp.org/fiscal-officer, or contact me at ron.grossman@ jacksontwp.org or 614-871-2706.

Ron Grossman is the fiscal officer of Jackson Township.