The New Albany-Plain Local School District plans to spend $172,000 to resurface the Eagle Stadium track.

The school board approved the expense April 10.

The 400-meter track next to New Albany High School, 7600 Fodor Road, was built in 2003 and is 14 years old, said Becky Jenkins, the school district's treasurer.

The track's surface had an expected lifespan of 10 years, she said.

The high school and middle school track teams use the track for practice, but it also is open to the public, she said, and many community members use it.

The track's asphalt base will be left alone, Jenkins said, but the top polyurethane layer will be resurfaced.

"You can only patch for so long," she said.

District spokesman Patrick Gallaway said the track is crumbling.

"You can scrape your foot across there, and it will come up," he said.

The district has spent $16,000 to repair the track surface over the past four years, Gallaway said.

Funding to improve the track will come from a 2.59-mill bond issue to generate $45.1 million that voters approved in 2012 to build the 2-8 Learning Center and to complete other small construction projects, such as maintenance for parking lots and sidewalks, Jenkins said.

Construction dates still are being determined, Jenkins said.

Work is expected to begin in June and be completed by the end of the month so residents can use the Eagle Stadium bleachers to watch the city's annual Fourth of July fireworks.