If you have been following us on social media over the past six months, you might have noticed a momentum shift.

You might have noticed more articles that pique your interest, posts and photos that are more engaging.

You might have even started following us only recently because we were finally on your radar.

But what you might not have noticed is that this momentum shift was calculated. Behind the scenes at the German Village Society we have been very busy gathering data.

Utilizing this new data, we are reinventing our social media image. And we've only just begun.

But let's back up. What do we mean by data? By data, we mean that we pay attention to your engagement with our posts -- your likes, loves, shares and comments( or, total lack thereof).

This data enables us to get you, the audience, what you want. After all, we like to please.

You have asked for more information about events, historic preservation and how to get involved and we are on it.

You still might be wondering, why social media? Well, it's where so much of life is lived now. So the place you live kind of wants to be on the platform where you live virtually.

With social media we are able to optimize our outreach and strengthen the German Village community's image and cohesion.

An image of enchanting tree-lined brick sidewalks, locally owned and operated shops, uniquely beautiful homes and neighbors with a genuine love for The Village.

Targeted social media means bettering our community. By tracking and analyzing social media data we can adjust our social media approach to create simple, direct messaging that you want to see.

Knowing our audience and what you like to see enables us to promote the village and educate about historic preservation.

We have grown our social media audience over the last four months by 20 percent.

The success of our new social media campaign can lead to economic success for the village through positive promotion of our businesses and a larger audience for our German Village Business Community.

It can also mean a louder voice for our cause of historic preservation. A growth in followers means a broader audience to appreciate and preserve the character of our beloved bricks.

We aren't stopping here. We will continue to grow support and love for German Village through social media, and we hope you'll join us by engaging us on social media.

If you would like to get involved, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tag us or post to our pages.

Or, sign up online to volunteer with our social media team. Summer is a busy time in German Village and we cannot wait to show our followers what the German Village hype is all about.

From Haus und Garten Tour to Monster Bash and Art Crawl, look to our social media for information and event coverage.

German Village Society Donor Relations and Marketing Coordinator Chelsey Craig submitted the Village Notebook column.