Community Service Day in Dublin is growing.

The Dublin Chamber of Commerce's annual volunteer event, to be held May 6, will have more sites this year, said Jenny Amorose, the chamber's chief operating officer.

Amorose said volunteers this year, numbering between 350 and 450, will have the opportunity to work at more than 75 sites in Dublin.

"It really has expanded this year," she said.

Amorose said the chamber has worked with community members and homeowners associations to identify individuals such as senior citizens and those combatting serious illnesses who might be unable to do outside tasks.

"It's just one more thing they can't do right now," she said.

The chamber also is working with the Dublin City School District to identify outdoor projects at its buildings that volunteers could assist with.

Volunteers will do things such as planting flowers, pulling weeds, putting down mulch, trimming bushes and replacing burned out porch lights, Amorose said.

Volunteers will assemble between 8:30 and 9 a.m. at the Dublin Community Recreation Center, 5600 Post Road, and receive a complimentary breakfast supplied by local businesses, Amorose said.

From there, site leaders will direct them to locations including residences and schools.

After their work is completed, volunteers can return to the rec center for a complimentary lunch.

Dublin resident Jam Manring said this will be the fourth year she will volunteer for Community Service Day.

Manring, who is 78, said she is probably older than some of the people she has helped as part of Community Service Day.

The first year, she ended up assisting a group of volunteers cleaning windows.

The last two years, she has worked inside the rec center to supply volunteer stations with food.

Manring said she greatly enjoys being alongside other volunteers.

"I think the service that they provide is such a wonderful, wonderful thing for the chamber to do because there are people out there that are not able to get out and do some of the things they used to do," she said.

More information about the event can be found at online