Iris Rivera began working at the assisted-living and memory-support facility at Senior Star at Dublin Retirement Village on July 11.

Not a full year later, she had successfully recruited her daughter and granddaughter to work alongside her.

Rivera, 59, said about three months after she started at Senior Star she was able to get her daughter, Brenda Gaona, to join her.

A veteran of elder care for 30 years, Rivera said a friend initially got her into the field.

She said she thought at first she wasn't going to last at her first job at a nursing home, but "I liked it, and I stayed."

Brenda Gaona, 39, is a care partner like her mother.

She said she was initially reluctant to leave a managerial role at her previous job, but "I needed a change."

Gaona said she likes chatting and laughing with Senior Star residents.

Like her mother, Gaona's career has been in elder care. She said after she had her daughter, Malena, she knew she needed a job.

At the time, her mother helped get her a job at another elder care company.

"I didn't think I was going to make it, either," Gaona said.

About a week after Malena Gaona's mother started at Dublin Senior Star, she joined her.

Malena, 19, serves as a part-time housekeeper while still maintaining her previous job.

"I think it's a lot of fun," Malena Gaona said of her new role.

Malena also works with her sisters and father at her other job, at a pizza business.

The two jobs give her an opportunity to see her family regularly, she said.

Her Senior Star job is her first experience with elder care and she said she enjoys talking to residents.

"They make me laugh every single day and have a good time here, so I really like it," she said.