Worthington City Schools' chief academic officer is retiring after 33 years with the district, but her replacement has a track record of "bringing out the strengths in others," said Superintendent Trent Bowers.

Bowers said Jennifer Wene will retire in July and Worthington Kilbourne High School principal Angie Adrean will replace her.

The chief academic officer leads the department of academic achievement and professional development.

"This leader of leaders must be able to work with a collection of talented and strong-willed professionals and form them into a high-performing team," Bowers said. "Angie has been a very successful teacher and school administrator for over 20 years. She has led schools at both the middle and high school level and she has a demonstrated record of both achievement and creating positive cultures."

The Worthington school board approved a two-year contract for Adrean with an annual salary of $131,141 on March 28.

Her benefits for health, dental and life insurance and a contribution to a health-savings account total $8,133, and her retirement, Medicare and workers compensation benefits total $44,811, according to Treasurer Jeff McCuen.

Adrean previously made $126,358 in salary and her benefits did not change because of the promotion, McCuen said.

Meanwhile, Wene is making $117,868 and her benefits are $48,320 in total, he said. He said she has a lower salary because of the retire/rehire provision for administrators. That provision governs how they may be re-employed while receiving their earned retirement benefits.

Wene first retired in July 2009, according to McCuen. She was rehired with a one-day separation, as required by the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio, he said.

"In general, a person wishing to have this provision comes back at 85 to 90 percent of (his or her) previous salary and accepts a one-year contract," McCuen explained in an email. "They go back to being a new hire with less vacation and other benefits."

Wene's second retirement date is July 31.

Bowers said Adrean would complete the school year as principal at Kilbourne and work with Wene to transition into the new role.

"We have advertised the principal position at WKHS and will run a full selection process involving staff, students and parents in selecting the next principal," he said.

Adrean was honored in Washington, D.C., last fall as State Principal of the Year. She began her career as a teacher at Mansfield Senior High School, then served as assistant principal at Hilliard Darby High School for five years before serving as principal at Gahanna Middle School South for nine years.

She arrived at Worthington Kilbourne in 2011 and completed her superintendent's licensure in 2012.

"I am very happy here and was not looking for a new position; however, this was an opportunity I could not overlook," she said. "WKHS quickly became a part of my family and this decision has certainly been difficult. It is a beautiful building, but it is great because of the teachers, administration, counselors, students, staff and parent community.

"It's the relationships that define a school's culture, and our community values these relationships."

Wene has been an educator for 43 years.

She has been at Worthington since 1984, when she was hired as director of special education. After six years in that position, she spent a year as interim assistant superintendent of human resources and then 12 years as principal at Slate Hill Elementary. After that, she was director of teaching and learning for five years before becoming director of academic achievement and professional development in 2008 and chief academic officer in 2015.

"Working in Worthington (City) Schools has been a gift and a privilege," she said. "I got to do work that I love in a place that I respect, value and admire. I have met amazing people, made lifelong friends and have grown as a professional and a person because of all these people and what they have taught me."