Gahanna has filled five area commissions with 56 residents and business owners who will serve through either Dec. 31 of this year or next.

Michael Blackford, the city's deputy development director, said a meeting with each area commission will be held between mid-May and early June to review any area-land use plans that apply to commission territories.

"We may have a project or two to discuss, but the main purpose will be to review any plans that apply to their geographic area," Blackford said.

An initial meeting was held with commission members on April 13 to review the commissions' roles and responsibilities, the development process and how the commissions fit in the process.

Gahanna Mayor Tom Kneeland established the area commissions as a way to provide more public involvement in decisions affecting commercial development, zoning and economic development efforts throughout the city.

"As Gahanna continues to grow, resident and business engagement and their input will be vital for future development for the city," Kneeland said.

"Our goal is to get key stakeholders involved early on in the process and to foster a more transparent relationship between the community and the developers to help guide planning and reinvestment strategies for all areas of the city," he said.

The area commissions are part of Kneeland's 10-point Plan, or "Commitment to Gahanna." They are aligned with the city's strategic plan, GoForward Gahanna, which was adopted in 2016, and the Economic Development Strategy, adopted in December 2015.

Area Commission 1 includes Jaymie Clark, Robert Donahue, Ann Flaherty, Scott Flickinger, Kadie Guth, Gregory Jackson, the Rev. Joel King Jr., Cindy Mackin, Scot Maples, Jon Upchurch and Erin Wilson.

Area Commission 2 includes Paul Benson, Marque Bressler, Annette Conley, Gretchen Floyd, Robert Groszek, Thomas Jacob, Don Jensen, Jeff Mahoney, Rob Matney, Jamie McKenna, Ed Schmidt, Mark Silvaggio, Ryan Spak and Joseph Weitz.

Area Commission 3 includes Merisa Bowers, Jordan Fromm, Gina Karasneh, Jay Mantle, Kate Moening, Diana Redman, Mark Seidelmann, Ron Smith, Matt Souder, John Spinelli, Mallory Sribanditmongkol, John Williams and Carla Williams-Scott.

Area Commission 4 includes Beryl Anderson, Lee Bailey, Jennifer Brickner York, Kim Browne, Will Duderstadt, Matthew Eiselstein, Patricia Kovacs, Megan Rogers, Michael Tamarkin, and Jonathan Wolman.

Area Commission 5 members are Brandi Braun, Caleb Cochrun, Kristen Fox, Lew Griffin, Chris Irvin, Kevin McGinn, Maritza Nelson and Christian Peck.

To a view a map of the commissions' boundaries go to commissions.aspx.