Visitors to Glacier Ridge Metro Park soon could have more options for enjoying the great outdoors.

Metro Parks has a capital budget for $300,000 to $400,000 in improvements to Glacier Ridge, 9801 Hyland-Croy Road in Plain City, said Tim Moloney, Metro Parks executive director.

Proposed improvements for the 1,036-acre park -- which received 308,700 visitors last year -- include an outdoor exercise course, a bike park, a dog park and an area to fly drones.

Moloney said Metro Parks officials have budgeted $700,000 for improvements to Glacier Ridge and Homestead Park, the latter of which is located at 4675 Cosgray Road in Hilliard.

Improvements for Homestead haven't been planned yet, Moloney said.

"That's still in the conceptual phase," he said.

The Glacier Ridge bike park would include a pump trail, in which riders would use their body weight to propel them across the trail.

Metro Parks is looking to partner with the Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization on the project.

Moloney said Metro Parks found that visitors to its mountain bike trail at Chestnut Ridge Metro Park, 8445 Winchester Road N.W. in Carroll, come from throughout Franklin County.

An addition of a bike park at Glacier Ridge would help the Metro Parks system serve visitors in the northwest portion of the Metro Parks' area.

The outdoor exercise area would serve as a challenge course for adults and children, Moloney said.

Dublin's Parks and Recreation Department could also potentially hold programs there, he said.

Dublin Public Information Officer Sarah McQuaide said the city will be working with Metro Parks as design and construction progress. She said city officials are looking forward to opportunities for Dublin residents.

Metro Parks officials are also planning a dog park at Glacier Ridge, Moloney said, with the intention of providing a fenced in area using existing turf.

The southern part of the park, in the Honda Wetlands area, has been proposed as an area for flying drones, Maloney said.

He said he hopes to have two of the four proposed Glacier Ridge improvements completed this year.

One of the key driving factors for prioritizing improvements will be public input, Maloney said.

In the next month, Metro Parks officials will have a better idea of which elements could be constructed in the summer, he said.

The projects are small in scope and could be finished in less than 90 days, he said. Still, the elements could have the ability to expand.

The proposed improvements at Glacier Ridge stem in part from a 2015 strategic plan parks system officials created for all of its properties, Moloney said.

"The plan was broken down park by park," he said.