A group of longtime residents recently gathered at Jeffrey Mansion to share their memories of growing up, living and working in Bexley over the years.

The Bexley Historical Society and Museum's "Reflections of Bexley" event drew about 50 people on April 30.

As part of the event, Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler presented an award on behalf of the society to Edie Mae Herrel, who founded the organization in 1974.

"The work that she has done has been amazing," Kessler said. "Edie Mae has been a cornerstone of the Bexley Historical Society."

Herrel said the purpose of "Reflections of Bexley" was to further the historical society's goal of documenting residents' life experiences.

"The Bexley Historical Society is (working) to preserve these stories and to publish them," she said.

Participants discussed how the city has changed over the years, even to the names of familiar streets: Drexel Avenue was once Magnolia Avenue, Remington Road was formerly known as Belgard Lane and Dale Avenue used to be Melrose Place.

One longtime resident who shared memories of Bexley during the event was former mayor David Madison. Born and raised in Bexley, Madison said he looks back fondly on the 32 years he led the city.

One of his most vivid memories, he said, is of something that occurred after he'd been out of office for several years. A resident called him at home with a lengthy complaint about snow plows not reaching her street.

"I finally said to her, 'Ma'am, I have not been mayor for eight years now,' " and the woman promptly slammed the phone down, Madison said. "To this day, I don't know who it was."

For more information about the Bexley Historical Society and Museum, visit bexleyhistoryorg.