In April, former Hilliard Division of Police officer Curtis Baker became one of two new New Albany police sergeants.

Jillyan Will is the other, taking the New Albany Police Department's total to four sergeants, said New Albany spokesman Scott McAfee.

The New Albany Police Department now has a total of 21 sworn officers, including Chief Greg Jones, McAfee said.

Jones said Will, who is the department's first female officer, is outgoing, approachable and exercises good judgement, and Baker brings a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and experience to his new position.

For Will, 35, the lack of predictability keeps her excited about her job.

"The calls run the gamut," she said.

Baker, 42, served in Hilliard since 1999 before joining New Albany four weeks ago.

He said the expanding city, along with the smaller department size, prompted his interest in serving in New Albany. The Hilliard Division of Police, for which Baker held the rank of officer, is more than twice the size of New Albany, with 53 sworn officers.

He said he is looking forward to the opportunity to shape the ways in which the police department evolves along with New Albany.

"I'm just looking forward to serving the citizens of New Albany," he said.

Hilliard police Chief Bobby Fisher said the police division wished Baker "the best as he moves on to serve the New Albany community."

"Officer Baker joined the Hilliard Division of Police in 1999 and served the Hilliard community for almost 18 years," Fisher said. "During this time he worked in both our patrol and investigations bureaus and received several awards for his performance. He has been instrumental in many of the projects that the organization has taken on in recent years."

In their new roles, Baker will be paid $90,354 in annual salary and his total benefits are worth about $42,900, and Will will be paid $87,201 in annual salary and her total benefits are worth about $42,500.

Staff writer Kevin Corvo contributed to this story.