Despite a petition with more than 15 signatures, Genoa Township will not add more lighting to the east end of Maxtown Road.

The township's board of trustees held a special meeting to discuss the issue May 4, after resident Debbie Barkhurst circulated a petition and collected 15 signatures of residents along Maxtown who were in support of the lighting.

The request was to add lights between Wake Drive -- just east of Spring Road -- and Sunbury Road.

While Barkhurst does not live on Maxtown, she told the trustees she uses it "just as much as everyone else," and cited safety concerns and the inconsistency with the Westerville portion of the road as reasons for pursuing the lights.

"I've had people tell me, who live on Maxtown Road, that they've had a hard time finding their driveway when it's dark or that they have a hard time seeing the lines on the road, especially when it's raining," she said at the meeting.

But not everyone was in favor of the idea of additional lighting.

Several residents spoke in opposition, sharing concerns that ranged from light pollution to costs and light shining into their windows at night.

Ultimately, the trustees decided not to add the lights for a variety of reasons.

Township Administrator Paul Wise said the township currently has no streetlights at all. While adding them along Maxtown would only cost about $200 a month, it could set an unwelcome precedent.

"That is not a significant expenditure, but it would open up the door to other streets wanting streetlights," he said. "There's a potential, with 90 miles of streets, for a $200,000-a-year expenditure."