The vice president of the German Village Society board of trustees has resigned over the ongoing rift between the society and Columbia Gas of Ohio.

Bill Curlis, who has been on and off the board for more than 20 years, once serving as its president, said he is exasperated over the society’s decision to explore hiring an attorney to fight the relocation of natural-gas meters from the interior to the exterior of 122 houses and businesses.

Curlis said the society can’t afford to hire legal counsel to “fight a losing battle.”

“I think it’s a fool’s errand that they’re on, and they’re spending money they don’t have to fight that battle,” he said.

Curlis’ resignation, effective immediately at the board’s May 9 meeting, was accepted.

Heidi Drake, president of the society, said board members “were very sorry to see (Curlis) go.”

Read the full story in the May 18 edition of ThisWeek German Village Gazette.