The Ohio State University Airport is expected to be the main topic for the annual meeting of the Northwest Civic Association.

The June 7 gathering will begin with a social time and refreshments at 6:30 p.m. in Room 213 of Meadow Park Church of God, 2425 Bethel Road.

The program begins at 7.

The focus this year is on the OSU airport renovations and expansion of academic and research programs according to a posting on the civic association's web site by Board of Trustees President John Ehlers.

Nick Cipiti, chairman of the NWCA membership committee, said guest speakers for a panel discussion of the topic will be Doug Hammon, airport director, and Seth Young, director of the Center for Aviation Studies.

"We're going to be talking about airport renovations and hopefully traffic patterns over the area and on the streets that may result from any changes," Cipiti said.

Cipiti said Hammon might present a sneak peek of the master plan for development in the vicinity of the airport.

For his part, Hammon made no such promise.

"From my standpoint running the airport, I'll just be reminding them kind of what our role is in the community and in the university, but really hitting on a lot of the new developments that are happening here," he said.

New hangars are being built and a new terminal will get under construction soon, Hammon said.

While not necessarily offering a master plan "sneak peek," Hammon said he would be talking about the 18-month process for redevelopment of some parcels of airport property that are scheduled for eventual sale.

That master plan development is to begin this summer, he said, and he hopes to inform those attending the annual meeting how they can be part of that process.

"There will be heavy community involvement in there, and I'll be encouraging them to come out to the public meetings we'll be holding," Hammon said. "I'll be coming from that angle in terms of what they can expect out of the airport."

"I think that will be helpful to our neighbors," Cipiti said.

The annual meeting sometimes serves to bring new people into the organization, and Cipiti admitted NWCA could use additional members.

"The first trick is to get more people to the meetings," he said. "We've been having difficulty with that.

"Our hope is that by getting the word out they'll know that we're concerned about these issues and they'll know that they have a voice.

"We're trying to make it appeal to a broad group and get more people form the area in general involved," Cipiti said.

In addition to the airport discussion the annual session for the civic association, which is more than 50 years old, will include a review of the past year and look ahead to the next; presentation of the Anna Mildred Henderson Award to a community volunteer; the election of four members of the trustees and recognition of the four student trustees from Centennial High School.