The return of Ritzy's won't run into any Clintonville Area Commission hurdles.

At their June 1 meeting, CAC members seemed less concerned with what zoning attorney Jackson B. Reynolds III termed "technical" variances and more interested in learning the opening date for the new iteration of the once-popular burger and ice-cream franchise.

Resurrected by G.D. Ritzy's founder Graydon D. Webb, the restaurant is scheduled to debut in the fall at 4615 N. High St.

The building, at one time an A&W Restaurant but most recently a used-car lot, requires variances for width and sight line for one of the entrances to the lot, Reynolds said.

In his presentation to the CAC, Reynolds noted the new location will be just a bit north of the site of a former G.D. Ritzy's restaurant at East Cooke Road and North High Street.

The last G.D. Ritzy's restaurant in central Ohio closed in 1991.

The new operation will be called Ritzy's.

Once renovated, the building will be 21 feet narrower than is required by code, and the sight line to a 13-foot enter-only lane will be 5 feet instead of the mandated 10, Reynolds said.

The new Ritzy's will have a 150-square-foot patio in front of the restaurant and a walk-up window, but no drive-through, Reynolds said.

The announcement of the restaurant's return has created considerable buzz in the neighborhood, said Randy Ketcham, representative for District 6 where Ritzy's will be located.

The vote recommending approval of the two variances was unanimous.